We are on the lookout to add a further mortgage broker to our nationwide network

Approved Mortgages has an established and growing online mortgage broker finding service based on connecting Kiwi's conveniently to an registered mortgage broker.


New mortgage broker enquiries are the lifeblood of any growing mortgage broker business. We are not brokers ourselves, instead we choose to work with existing mortgage advisers who are looking to grow their business. We currently provide new broker enquiries to individual brokers who are just working their way through the difficult first few years, all the way through to well established mortgage broker businesses with multiple brokers.

Our assessment of the Mortgage Broker marketing options available in New Zealand led us to believe there is a place for our unique offering. Where most online marketing agencies charge a set fee regardless of whether you generate any new revenue, we work instead primarily on a success basis only - only if your making money do we get paid a small portion as our fee.

Are you yourself or do you know an existing mortgage adviser who is great at what they do and provide leading customers service?

We would love to talk with them and see if we might be a good fit for each other. Please send a quick introduction email to: contact@approvedmortgages.co.nz and we'll see if we can work together.

Diversify and build your Mortgage Broker new business pipeline with an agreed set number of  new client enquiries every month from our existing broker new enquiry request sources.


The unique nature of our partnership offering in NZ means we are looking to only work with existing brokers who are leading the way in great customer outcomes. We ideally would like to include a further mortgage adviser who has been advising clients for at least the last 1 years.

You’ll already have all the relevant

Industry Experience


Lender Accreditations

LOCATION: As a nationwide mortgage broker finder service, we receive broker call-back requests throughout NZ.

Where you are based is less important since COVID and working remotely. We've found since the lock-down in 2020 where a broker is a great communicator online and over the phone location is no longer a barrier. If you are not confident in providing great customer service via technology, instead favouring only face-to-face, then this opportunity is not likely to be suited to you.

For the right person we will look to agree on the region you would like most to own and operate from. We will then support your growth in that area to become the preferred mortgage adviser locally.


If the above factors align with your plans and you would like to have a confidential initial discussion to learn more about joining our new enquiry network , please feel free send us a brief summary of your current situation and experience via the following email address. From there we can simply arrange a chat/coffee catch up if it suits: