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Average advertised rate from the 4 largest banks in NZ Lowest rates we have attained for our clients this year
Floating rate = 5.89% Floating rate = 5.05%
1 year rate = 4.38% 1 year rate = 4.09%
2 year rate = 4.55% 2 year rate = 4.25%
3 year rate = 4.99% 3 year rate = 4.55%
5 year rate = 5.84% 5 year rate = 5.09%

* Average advertised rates are correct at the time of this post(Q1 - 2018) but are subject to frequent changes. Refer to this table on an ‘indicative basis’ only. Lowest rates attained are subject to your individual situation and the bank’s assessment of your financial position. Table assumes an <80% LVR and Owner Occupier basis.

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About us in Cromwell  Your home loan specialist

Andy and his team of bank relationship managers are your gateway to getting access to a better home loan outcome. Coming from a banking background he and his team know how to get results for clients. More often than not you’ll find him helping people with their mortgage requirements down at Fusee Rouge Cafe, whilst enjoying some of the best coffee around.

Andy has been visiting the Cromwell area for the last 12years. He and his young family fell in love with the region and outdoors lifetyle on offer, so they decided almost 2 years ago to make the move and live locally in Albert Town now.

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Cromwell Average House Prices

In 2018 Cromwell median house prices have reached around $589,750 an 8% increase according to QV.co.nz.

Whilst there are some new subdivisions planning in the pipeline for Cromwell, it does suffer from a lack of choice like alot of towns locally. This makes it especialy hard for First home buyers. A lot of the employment locally is tied to the tourisum and hospitatliy industries. Average income levels in these industries are one of the major factors limiting locals from securing property in the area. We find some lateral thinking, accessing KiwiSaver, HomeStart grants and clients pooling resources are key ingredients sometimes to helping our first home buyer clients to secure property locally.

Existing home loans - we help a large portion of people who see value in having someone else re-negioate thier fixed interest rate resetting for them. Becasue we do a lot of this type of work we have a strong handle of what is competitive and what is not, meaning that our clients are able to save on thier interest costs.

Property Investers - with the changes imposed by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, we are assisting more and more people to find soluotions where their bank has said no they cant help. This is a complex area, so it always pays to work with a mortgage adviser as they have this specialist knowledge.

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Serving clients in the wider Cromwell area including: Alexandra, Cylde, Bannockburn, Lowburn and Tarras.


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We help everyday Kiwis reach financial freedom more quickly through property ownership and home loan advice. It’s usually the biggest decision you’ll make in your life, we think it makes sense then to get an expert working with you on it.

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  • Mortgage brokers for Self Employed income
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  • Home loans for new build Construction Loans
  • Mortgage brokers for First Home Buyers
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  • Home loans for Overseas Buyers

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