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Average advertised rate from the 4 largest banks in NZ Lowest rates we have attained for our clients this year
Floating rate = 5.89% Floating rate = 5.05%
1 year rate = 4.38% 1 year rate = 4.09%
2 year rate = 4.55% 2 year rate = 4.25%
3 year rate = 4.99% 3 year rate = 4.55%
5 year rate = 5.84% 5 year rate = 5.09%

* Average advertised rates are correct at the time of this post(Q1 - 2018) but are subject to frequent changes. Refer to this table on an ‘indicative basis’ only. Lowest rates attained are subject to your individual situation and the bank’s assessment of your financial position. Table assumes an <80% LVR and Owner Occupier basis.

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Sam and his team of bank relationship managers are your gateway to getting access to a better home loan outcome. Coming from a banking background he and his team know how to get results for clients. More often than not you’ll find him helping people with their mortgage requirements down at Chuffed Cafe or Best Ugly Bagels, whilst enjoying some of the best coffee around.

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Auckland House Prices

Given Auckland’s population, employment prospects and lifestyle appeal, the average house price sits around the $850,000 mark. Like most large cities however there is a wide divergence at the top end of house prices and the lower end. Herne Bay frequently takes the top spot as being the most expensive, with an average house price of around $2.6mil. At the other end of the scale, largely due to the sheer number of apartments in the area, Auckland central has an average of around $420,000.

First home buyers find it particularly difficult to get a foot on the property ladder in Auckland because the is approximately only 7 suburbs with an average house price below the $600,000 level. Auckland has seen phenomenal growth since the Global Financial Crisis and most commentators agree that Auckland’s longer term prospects are positive, given it’s international desirability and employment opportunities.

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Serving clients in the wider Auckland area including: North Shore, Devonport, Albany, Long Bay, West Auckland, Browns Bay, Torbay and Takapuna.


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We help everyday Kiwis reach financial freedom more quickly through property ownership and home loan advice. It’s usually the biggest decision you’ll make in your life, we think it makes sense then to get an expert working with you on it.

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