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Our service is 100% free - that's right we don't charge you anything for the convenience of organising your call-back from an available broker 

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(1)   Request you broker call-back here - it takes only a couple of quick clicks and less than 30 seconds to fill in our mortgage broker 'Get Started' request form.


(2)   Receive your mortgage broker call-back quickly - you'll normally receive your broker call-back the same or next work day. The broker will be looking to understand your property plans, any issues needing to be overcome and whether they will be able to assist in getting you approved. 


Best of all, our broker call-back request service is 100% free - that's right we don't charge you anything for the convenience of connecting you to an available broker. The brokers we work with simply pay us a small fee for the service and convenience of connecting them to you. You pay nothing for our service.

Approved Mortgages is digital agency specialised in quickly and conveniently connecting Kiwi's to a licensed mortgage broker. Currently more than 40% New Zealand home-loan borrowers are enjoying the benefits that come with having engaged a mortgage broker. We're on a mission to make it even easier to do this. We want to help see as many Kiwi's as possible get ahead and make good home-loan decisions with the help of brokers that specialises in doing just that. 












Mortgage Broker Wanaka - Nationwide broker call-back requests 

Wanaka Average House Prices

2021 - Wanaka average house prices went over the $1million mark for a time back in 2018.


Due to average incomes in Wanaka being lower than in the major NZ cities, Wanaka and Queenstown are known to be some of the most unaffordable places to reside in NZ. The competition to attain property locally is strong as people from throughout NZ and even overseas all seek to secure their slice of this desirable location. Working remotely since COVID19 is an increasing trend with many locals now choosing to base themselves where they feel they will have best balance of lifestyle and work. 


First home buyers - A portion of the employment locally is tied to the tourism and hospitality industries. Average income levels in these industries are one of the major factors limiting locals from securing property in the area. However the construction sector and strong demand for new housing has meant that the trades are in short demand and can attain higher levels of income. With the help of your broker and some lateral thinking, accessing KiwiSaver, HomeStart grants and clients pooling resources are key ingredients sometimes to helping  first home buyer clients to secure property locally.


Property Investors - with the changes imposed by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, we are recieving an ever increasing number of requests to be connected to a broker. Frequent changes to the requirements for second homes has meant more people on average are seeking solutions where their bank has told them no. This can seem at times a complex situation, so choose the easy option and let a mortgage broker do the hard work and explain things in simple and easy to understand terms.

Local resources :

Wanaka Council rates and Government Valuation figures: https://www.qldc.govt.nz/services/rates/

Houses for sale in Wanaka: https://www.realestate.co.nz/residential/sale?by=featured&lct=d300&ql=20

Wanaka guide: https://www.Wanakanz.co.nz/


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Frequently asked questions

Does Approved Mortgages provide Mortgage Broker services itself?

No, the Approved Mortgages website is a broker connection service - we are simply connecting those seeking the assistance of a broker to be provided a prompt call-back from an available registered mortgage broker. The Approved Mortgages website is not a mortgage broker service but is able to connect you however to a registered mortgage broker.

How long will it take to contacted after completing the call-back request?

As we don't provide mortgage brokering services ourselves, upon receiving your call-back request we organise an available registered  broker to call you back promptly. Your request to have an available broker call you back will typically happen either the same day or the next working day after receiving your request.  

It's 100% free to get connected with an available broker through this website, so how do we get paid?

As a digital agency we work with a number of brokers within New Zealand. We are paid a small fee by the brokers we work with if your eventual home loan is completed via their mortgage brokering service. You pay absolutely nothing for the convenience of being connected to an available broker who will then be looking to see if they can assist you with your home loan requirements and property plans.

I am myself or I know a really good mortgage broker, can they also join the Approved Mortgages network of mortgage advisers?

Absolutely, where ever possible we want to try support local brokers and would love hear from any existing brokers that provide stand-out service and track record of exceeding customer expectations. If this sounds like you, lets talk! - contact us at contact@approvedmortgages.co.nz