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Why using a mortgage adviser to handle the refinance process makes so much sense:

Save your time

Don’t drown in all the details. Get one of our experts to make it easy for you and fast track your refinance with through the bank.

Save your money

we handle the refinance process for you so you keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket, not the banks. We do this by being able to work more closely with the banks than you are able to on a daily basis.

See why so many Kiwi’s choose us to handle their mortgage refinance:

The top questions we get asked by people looking to refinance a home loan are:

Q: How does it work when you refinance?

A: Answer added here later - Mortgage refinancing is essentially switching from one mortgage to another. Also talk about ‘remortgage’ (associated word).

Q: How do I go about using equity to buy another house in NZ?

A: answer added here later - buying a second home

Q: Is it worth it to refinance?

A: answer added here later

Q: How much does it cost to refinance a home loan?

A: answer added here later

Q: What is cashback?

A: answer added here later - Home loan incentives, cash-back, cashback offer, cash contribution. claw back a cashback up to three years. (link here to future page: /what-is-cashback/)

Q: When can you refinance your mortgage?

A: answer added here later

Q: How do I get the best refinancing mortgage rates?

A: answer added here later

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