We’re all about Kiwi’s getting access to ‘smarterhome loans.

Easily the biggest problem we tend to fixup are ‘un-informed' home loans that are costing Kiwis $1000’s of dollars unnecessarily. It’s not all your fault though. Only about 40% of people in NZ currently have their home loans arranged with a mortgage adviser’s help.

Our Story:

Buying or refinancing a home is one of the most important financial transactions you’ll make in life. We’re on a mission to ensure as many Kiwi’s enjoy the peace of mind and financial security that comes with property ownership in New Zealand. We do this for our clients by delivering home loan approvals and guidance that fits in with your family’s needs today and requirements into the future.

Approved Mortgages came about to help fix the gap in how many people were attaining the benefits of working with a mortgage adviser. Did you know that in America over 90% of all home loans are arranged via mortgage advisers? Our hope is that one day all Kiwi’s will get access to mortgage adviser services.


Meet the team:

Sam McLennan
Founder, Mortgage Specialist

Originally from the Hawkes Bay, Sam’s over 15 years of industry experience has come from working at ANZ Institutional and ASB Bank’s Wealth business. Sam was fortunate and got involved in property and property ownership from a very young age. He see’s property ownership as a critical element for Kiwi’s attaining the financial security required for a comfortable lifestyle.

Sam is best known for his easy going and friendly nature. If you value someone who wants to take a genuine interest in getting you ahead financially, Sam is your man.

Outside of work you can find Sam and his young family on the water, fishing, diving or surfing.


- Bachelor of Business Studies with a Finance and Property Valuation major

- National Certificate in Financial Services, - Authorised Financial Adviser.

A copy of Sam McLennan’s disclousre document is available by request and is free of charge.

Andy McLean
Founder, Mortgage Specialist

Originally from the North Shore in Auckland, Andy has built up over 12 years of industry experience whilst working within the financial planning and banking fields.

After reading Robert Kiyosaki’s book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ he set about owning his first rental property at age 19. That was his discovery moment and where he decided that property was his asset of choice to attaining financial security. He was fortunate enough to be put onto a good mortgage adviser at the time and concludes that without that support he wouldn’t have been able to get started. It’s for this reason Andy enjoys sharing his knowledge and skills to get other Kiwi’s ahead financially through property ownership.

Outside of work you’d likely find Andy and his family out on the water on or up in the mountains - making the most of NZ’s amazing landscape.


- Bachelor of Business Studies with a Finance major,

- National Certificate in Financial Services

- Graduate Diploma in Business Studies(Personalised Financial Planning), - Authorised Financial Adviser

A copy of Andy McLean’s disclosure document is available by request and is free of charge.


Nikki Stallard
Bank Relationships Manager

Nikki has a background in Personal Banking. Shes there to make the seemingly difficult, dead simple.

Nikki will make sure you get the outcome you need by ensuring all the paperwork is in order and keeping you up-to-date with where your approval sits with the lender.

Nikki receives probably the nicest compliments out of the whole team from clients. We put this down to her ability to think ahead and provide customer service ‘over and above’.

James Anderson
Bank Relationships Manager

James also comes from a banking background but before that he worked in the hospitality industry. If your loan approval is assigned to James, know that you are in good hands.
His background in hospitality and understanding of how the banking system works makes him a genius when it comes to getting nothing but the very out for the banks for our clients.

James is highly dependable and adds a huge amount cohesion to the whole team.

Beth Richmond
Office Manager

Beth is the team’s ‘camp mother’ who tends to keep us all in line. Where things need to be orderly you can bet Beth has things under control.


Beth comes largely from a customer service background and that shows with her tactful ability to keep everyone on track.


A valuable part of the team, things just wouldn’t be the same without her guidance and support.




Not everyone can do what we do. Our industry is strictly regulated:



We are authorised and registered to provide our financial services. You can verify our registration via the Government’s Financial Service Providers Register (FSPR)



We also belong to the following industry bodies:


NZFSG - is home to the largest group of mortgage and insurance advisers in New Zealand, with more than 1000+ members. It’s members have helped more than 135,000+ Kiwi’s own a home and 27,000+ get the right insurances in place.



- We take our customer service responsibilities seriously and we so subscribe to the Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme to provide an independent disputes resolution service if it is every required.



Professional Advisers Association - PAA provides a comprehensive range of services to support the professional development of financial advisers, to enable them to deliver service and advice to consumers with appropriate knowledge and care.




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