For people who want a great home loan deal regardless of being self-employed.

Lets see if we can help you get you talking to a broker who understands approvals for self-employed. Enquire today so that we can request your broker call-back and you can find out what your options are.

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The single best system in New Zealand for getting self employed home loans approved.

Working with a mortgage adviser

Why requesting a Self Employed Mortgage Broker Service call-back request makes so much sense:

Get an approval

Sounds simple enough, but if your reading this chances are you’ve hit some common road blocks with your bank because you’re self employed. Let a registered broker that operates in this area support your application to getting approved.

Save your time

Don’t drown in all the details. Request to speak with a mortgage adviser here and we'll get an experts to make it easy for you and fast track your approval through the banks or one of the specialist self employed lenders.

Get further ahead financially

Your choosen mortgage adviser will help handle the approval process for you so you can get on and actually buy that property which is going to help grow your financial position. Mortgages advisers do this by working with the banks and specialist self employed lenders more closely than you are able to.

See why so many self employed Kiwi’s choose to request a broker call-back here and have their broker negotiate a mortgage approval for them:



The most common questions we get asked by self employed Kiwi’s looking to secure a mortgage approval are:

Q: Can I get a mortgage when self employed?

A: The short answer is yes. "But what if I have already been told 'no' by my bank?". The answer still may be yes. Hands down the best thing you can do is engage a mortgage broker that specializes in this area. Banks have different lending policies, this in itself creates a situation that where one can say no, another can say yes in exactly the same situation. Don't close the door on yourself - don't go applying and getting declined all around town with the other banks, as this can have a detrimental affect on you and your later options. Do it once and do it right - engage a broker from the outset and do things correctly from the beginning. -

Q: What are the key self employed mortgage criteria?

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Q: Who are the best mortgage lenders for self employed Kiwi’s?

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Q: Can you get a mortgage for self employed Kiwi’s with less than 2 years financial accounts?

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Q: Is it possible to get mortgages for self employed without accounts at all?

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